Travel Diaries: The Hive Hotel, Washington D.C.

This weekend was filled with exploration of a city that I always have such an amazing time in. Oftentimes, D.C. doesn’t get quite the high rep as other East Coast cities, but it has a lot of offer. With it’s melting pot of people, museums and restaurants, D.C. has great energy.

What I want to talk about more than the city itself is the hotel we stayed at. Hotel Hive is a new micro-hotel in D.C. and let me tell you, we had an awesome stay! If you have never stayed at a micro hotel, they are very common in European cities. The rooms are typically smaller but laid out very well so you don’t feel cramped. Think the Ikea mindset of using space in a functional way transpired into a hotel.

We had a queen sized room in what they called their English basement, which was housed on the first floor. The bed was very comfortable and there was storage underneath the bed for luggage, so you didn’t have to worry about tripping over it. At $110 dollars for the night, this option is not only very affordable, but doesn’t sacrifice comfort.

With a combo of mid-century and industrial, the interior design of the hotel was super cool. The lobby is connected to an &pizza on one side and the hotel bar and dining on the other. &pizza is a local D.C. favorite and damn was their pizza delicious! Would highly recommend if you are rushed for time, like we were, to grab pizza there and enjoy a drink at the hotel. In the morning, the dining spot had coffee and small breakfast items such as muffins, fruit and kolache. This was plenty for us, but for people who are expecting a buffet style breakfast you’ll have to find that elsewhere.

Another fun thing at the hotel is that they offer you free drinks if you sign up for their guest loyalty program. This program is free and basically accrues rewards for you each time to stay at the hotel. For the first stay you receive 2 free drink tickets, for your second stay you get dinner on them and on and on it goes until the 10th stay where you get to stay there for free and they pay for some kind of D.C. excursion for you. I thought this was a neat thing to do both from a marketing perspective for them, but also a treat to their guests. Plus who doesnt‘ want a free drink?

Hotel Hive is somewhere we would definitely stay again and would recommend to friends/family as well. Have you ever stayed there? What do you think of the micro-hotel trend? I’d love to hear your thoughts so comment down below.

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