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I want to start this post by saying that in no way shape or form am I a workout junkie. I do workout about 3 times a week (or try to anyway) but I wouldn’t say that I do anything too too intense. Typically I am either in a class (barre or spin are my favorites,) or I go the machine route. My achine routines are typically rowing for 10 minutes and jumping on the Stairmaster for another 45 minutes. Rarely do I use any of the other machines because frankly, they are not fun for me. My workouts are largely focused on cardio and also keeping me feeling slightly entertained. What can I say working out is meh.

shorts, wrap top, workout gear

However, I do know it’s healthy and good for your mind and body and the reward is feeling accomplished afterward. But enough gym talk, let’s talk athletic wear. I don’t own tons of athletic clothes, but I have tried a few of the big name brands out there and time and time again I turn back to Target’s collection Joy Lab. Joy Lab was created with Clique and is an activewear range that is way affordable and super cute at the same time.

sports bra, leggings, work out gear

There are a few specific things, I love about this range that I’ll share.

  • The line has so many different types of pieces so you really can get anything you are looking for. There are tops in a variety of cuts: midriff, sports bra, t-shirt, wrap top, tank top etc., bottoms, and outerwear pieces.
  • They have a plus size line. Who doesn’t love a line that extends to all women of different shapes and sizes.
  • The line has a nice balanced mix of prints and solid pieces, which I personally really appreciate. I don’t mind having “loud” activewear occasionally, but I like being able to mix and match my pieces so plain colors are more practical in my opinion. They have both, so it’s a win-win.
  • The items I have bought not only wear well, but they wash well. I HATE when I put something in the wash according to the tag directions and it comes out crap. Stretched, shrunken or worn out have been problems that I’ve come across with washing activewear. Items tend to lose their elasticity, but I have thrown all of my Joy Lab stuff into the wash and they always come out looking the same.
  • With items ranging from $14.99- $49.99, this activewear line is going to beat out most others in this category. Activewear is so expensive and I love that this line looks good without the big price tag.
  • The collection gets new items constantly! If you aren’t impressed with the current stock, just wait. Something new will come quickly.
sports top, leggings, activewear
workout gear, leggings, sports bra

I truly think this line is one of the best workout brands out there regardless of the affordability. That’s just a bonus! Have you ever worn Joy Lab while working out? What are your favorite activewear lines out there?

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