Tried & True: Where to shop for Natural Beauty Products

On this dark, rainy day I sat here pondering for hours on what to write for this week’s post and the idea came to me to start a segment that will be published monthly of recommendations of items that I use daily in my life. Whether it’s certain homeware websites that I check when looking to spruce up the home or the places that I shop at for ethically made clothing, I want to share with my readers where I look for item’s that fit into my lifestyle.

So for today’s post it’s all about skincare. You all already know that I am a skincare junkie and I am always doing research on new products, brands, ingredients. But something that I had a hard time with when I started learning about the toxic ingredients in our beauty products was “where do I go?” I had no clue where to start shopping for products that felt safe, because at the time Sephora did not offer any natural brands in their stores. It took me a full year of replacing products with better ones and really studying up on the best companies for me to get my groove on shopping and incorporating these shops into my lifestyle.


I started shopping at Aillea because I lived in Denver at the time and it was a convenient way for me to get products right away without waiting for them to ship. This store has a smaller selection than the other two, but I believe it’s a great one for starting out. Less product choices=  Less time to be overwhelmed.

aillea beauty


This store is one who is specifically focusing on beauty products. While Follain does have some hair care and skincare items, they definitely tend to lean towards beauty items. I really like the brands they carry and I think it’s curated very well.

beauty, natural beauty


The Detox Market

The Detox Market has most things you would want in the realm of beauty and skincare. They have tons of brands and have a range of fragrance to wellness to gifts all that are good for you.

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This store isn’t exclusively natural products, but the selection is so large that I feel like it is a good option if you want to explore some new brands. This store out of all of them also has the best deals, so I use it quite frequently during times when they offer free shipping or coupons.

dermstore, natural beauty

Bonus: Think Dirty App

This app is one that I refer to people time and time again. I started using this app whenI began transitioning to clean products because it  helped me become more confident in my knowledge of products and shopping abilities. Not only does this app let you scan items and rates them on a level of 1-10 (10 being the most toxic), it also recommends other natural products you could buy to replace the option you are searching for. Furthermore, it breaks down the ingredients that are bad and gives you some FDA facts to explain the research further. Even though I know a lot more about products and what to look for now, I still use this app when I come across something I am not sure about. Definitely a must have!


I hope this post helps you navigate the natural beauty world and makes it just a tad bit easier. If you know of any other stores that I may have missed, please comment down below. I’d love to hear about more options that I may not know about.

Until next time,


Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

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