My Wedding Dress Shopping Experience

Last January, my boyfriend of 5 years and I got engaged. The day was full of excitement and we were both so excited to share our wedding day with friends and family. Once the excitement settled down, I felt anxiety wash over me. Where do I start with planning? What is our budget? Where do we get married? The questions swirled through my head on and on. While there is so much involved in planning a wedding, this post is just focusing on wedding dress shopping and my experience with it. I hope that this blog helps any newly engaged gals feel better about the wedding dress shopping experience.

Book in Advance

I booked all appointments about a month and half in advance. It may seem crazy, but wedding season is a really busy time for folks in the industry and booking in advance allowed me to be choosy with where I wanted to shop.

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Keep Budget in Mind

When choosing venues, keep your budget in mind. I went through each shops website prior to booking an appointment and looked at their minimum budget guidelines. If I saw that their starting dress price was way over mine, I didn’t book an appointment with them. I think a lot of people forget about their budget until they are at the shop and fall in love with something they cannot afford. Choosing the right kinds of shops made the day stress free.

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Book back to back

A lot of people would disagree with this, but booking back to back was the best way to do it in my opinion. The one catch would be to not overdo it with appointments. I booked about 3 in the day and I would say don’t book more than that. Once I was done at the first place, I got into the groove of how the appointments worked and felt better about describing what I wanted and didn’t want in a dress. And I ended up finding one at the last appointment! 🙂

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Make the day fun

I know this may seem obvious, but I planned my wedding dress shopping day into a whole affair. My mom flew down, two of my bridesmaids came (and kindly brought champagne.) Making it a girl’s day made me feel relaxed and gave my lots of varying opinions when trying dresses on. Plus who doesn’t want their favorite ladies around them during this time?

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I hope this blog gave you some thoughts to consider before you go out and get that dress of yours. Let me know if you are interested in more wedding themed blogs as I go through the stages of planning. I am happy to have everyone follow along on the journey.

Until next time.


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4 thoughts on “My Wedding Dress Shopping Experience”

  • I have to say that you planned your wedding dress shopping day perfectly. We had lots of fun, you listened to everyone’s comments with grace but ultimately chose the dress that made you feel special and you loved, as it should be. Luckily it was our favorite dress too. My whole advice to all is just enjoy this time with friends and family-no stress. This should be on the top of your favorite wedding memories and I hope it was.

  • Loved the wedding dress shopping blog! Great pics and advice. Good luck with the rest.
    Yes, you should continue writing about the many stages in planning your wedding!

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