Smart Shopping: 5 Affordable Home Brands

When shopping for home brands, it got to a point where I was sick of the going to the same old brands for affordable, but stylish items. While I do love Ikea as much as the next person, I wanted my house to have more unique flair. I think these 5 brands fulfill this quest. They fall on the lower end of the budget scale¬†and have a lot of unique items to offer. I’ve shopped from all of these brands and can personally attest to the quality- I wouldn’t be sharing them otherwise!

Oliver Bonas

Probably my favorite on this list, Oliver Bonas is a British lifestyle company. They sell fashion, accessories and homeware, so browse around their site when you get there. Their homeware and furniture section is brilliant! Their modern and trendy pieces are perfect for anyone who is looking to keep their home fresh and relevant. While you can certainly put their items into any home, they do cater towards a customer that isn’t afraid to experiment.


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Blu Dot

Blu Dot’s inventory is based on a functionality meets design concept. Clean lines, nice textures and muted colors make up most of their wide array of products. While their stuff may seem a bit pricier, the products are made in-house, so you are paying for excellent craftsmanship. In my opinion, the higher price is a fair trade off for the quality.


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CB2 is a branch off of Crate & Barrel, so expect the same well-thought out design elements in their inventory. The reason I included this brand is because they collaborate quite often with cool people, whether it be a designer or celebrity. The collections are flawless and give an opportunity for purchasing one of-a-kind pieces.

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Zara Home

Zara’s home collection has so much to choose from, so get ready to dedicate some serious time to browsing. Their collection looks very high end, which makes it nice for people who are ready to update their house into more of an adult look, but with a 20 year old budget.

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Canvas Home

Another company started by a British designer… Oh how I love British style. This company mixes together items for an urban chic or relaxed country look. They stick to simple designs, which makes it easy for anyone who doesn’t want to shop an overly trendy store.

canvas home, shopping


What are your favorite shops from the list above? What others do you regularly visit? I’d love to hear from you.

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