Swoon Worthy: Small Candle Brands You Should Know

Lately I have been all about candles. I don’t know whether it’s the cold weather we’ve had in Denver, or the fact that it’s such an easy way to decorate a home, but I have been spending a lot of time in the world of candles. I love Target candles as much as the next person, but I did some research on small independently owned candle companies and realized there are so many cool brands out there! I’ve compiled a list of some of the top smelling ones that I’ve tried in hopes that it will open you to new brands and aromas.

Burnin’ for you Candle Co.

These candles are hand poured in Brooklyn. All are cruelty-free and use a soy wax blend and cotton wick, so you don’t need to be afraid of killing Mother Earth when burning these.

Favorite Scent: Mojave Daydream

mojave daydream candle, burnin' for you candle co

Boy Smells

Boy Smells candles are based out of L.A. and smell ah-mazing! Each one I picked up was so unique and made me feel nostalgic. These candles are made with a blend of coconut and beeswax, so you know the candles are an ode to quality.

Favorite Scent: Gardener

boy smells, gardener scented candle

Homesick Candles

This candle company has been getting a lot of talk and there is a reason why. Homesick candles have hit the nail on the head with imposing scented memories of your favorite state. All of them smell great and they make perfect gifts for that homesick someone…or you.

Favorite Scent: Virginia

homesick candle, virginia scented candle


All wine and candle lovers will appreciate these babies because the encompass a mix of both. Their soy candles all use wine light fragrance. The candle bases are 100% recycled wine bottles, which make them eco friendly. So sit back, light a wine candle and grab yourself a glass.

Favorite Scent: Rose

rewined candle, rose smell, wine candles

Square Trade Goods Co.

As a former Richmond local, I had to throw in a Richmond company. I discovered Square Trade Goods Co. candles at a traveling festival and I am so glad I did. If you aren’t into sweet smells, this brand is for you. Their fragrance profile is more sultry and woodsy, thus making great unisex gifts. The company is based on a open collaboration with Richmond artists and has expanded from just making candles to lifestyle products as well, so be sure to browse around on their site!

Favorite Scent: Tobacco Black Pepper

square trade goods candle, tobacco and black pepper scent

As always, comment and let me know what candles are your purchasing go-to’s…a girl can never have enough.

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    • Thank you! Boy Smells & Square Trade Goods are in some Richmond stores, but Homesick and Burnin’ for you Candle Co. are only in small scattered boutiques and online.

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