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Movies have always been a big part of my life. Growing up, my parents introduced me to many different movies from classics to newbies from a young age. As an adult, I have been looking at movies quite differently. It’s not just the context that I focus on, but the cinematography, color palette and design. In my continued enjoyment of films, I have compiled a list of old favorites and new flicks that have some serious drool worthy design elements. The best part is: all of these movies are available on Netflix right now. If you don’t have an account, it’s very affordable. Starting at $8/month, you can stream thousands of cool films from your tv or computer screen, which means you can find your own appreciation for beautifully designed films. This post is in no way sponsored… I just love Netflix!


From the first ten minutes, this movie had me sold. It wasn’t the fact that Amelie was cute and quirky, it wasn’t even the fact that I also thoroughly enjoy cracking the sugary layer of creme brûlée… so satisfactory. 😛 It was the combination of it all, the characters, the lighting, and especially the design. Everything screams “Paris” from the cafe where Amelie works to the flat where she lives that’s overloaded with vintage items. The costumes, actors and music is perfectly paired against the beautiful backdrops. The toned down lighting brings a certain je nais se quoi to the film that transports you into the quirky story. Let’s just say I became a little bit of a francophile after watching this movie.

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Frances Ha

In 2012, Noah Baumbach’s newest film came into the world. A story about a young adult that is trying to figure herself out, while living in New York this story fulfills any NYC apartment envy you may have had. The movie is shot in black and white and showcases hip, trendy, and reduce- reuse design culture. Gallery walls, record players, and brick wall accents are scattered throughout the film, giving off very Brooklyn/Williamsburg vibes. Finished off with thrift store dubs and quirky personalities, the characters complete what Baumbach was going for. While this movie isn’t my favorite on this list, I think that the design is something any small space and young adult renter can appreciate… I certainly do!

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The Shining

When I started compiling this list I didn’t think that a thriller/horror flick would make it, but The Shining certainly holds its own in this category. This movie is one I have seen at least a dozen times and one I will watch at least a dozen times more. Its total composition is brilliant and Kubrick really thought  of every detail to make this movie come to life. The movie takes place in the late 70’s in an old 1930’s hotel  in the Colorado Rockies. The juxtaposition between the two eras is what I love most.  The rich reds, burnt oranges, and dark oaks of the hotel are complementary to the white-washed walls. The hotel lobby and stocked hotel bar transport you to the 30’s, but the costumes bring the 70’s into life. What can I say, this movie is perfection.

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The Graduate

More 60’s/70’s inspiration I know, but who can help themselves? If you only watch this movie for its storyline, you are in for a treat, but if you can appreciate the design as well then you’ll be drooling within the first hour. Scenes filled with mid century bar carts, carafes and lavish bedroom scenes, Nichols’ movie seduces you into the rich life of a sexy cougar. The muted, grainy film enhance the vintage feel of this movie and made me want to revamp my house with vintage bits. Having the film shot in California gives the film a laid back attitude which fits perfectly with the pool lounging scenes and lavish lifestyle that we envy from Mrs. Robinson.

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Pulp Fiction

Unlike The Graduate, Pulp Fiction is anything if relaxing, but it does have all of the drama that you can expect from a Tarantino flick. The story is filled with graphic language, violence and some of the most classic scenes in movie history. Along with that though, I drooled over the perfected design that completed the atmosphere. The diner scene is one my favorites- who wouldn’t want to go eat in a car booth? The neon signs, the 50’s costumes and the movie posters transport you to the 50’s, but yet the movie embodies all the good and not so good styles of the 90’s. While I wouldn’t base my home decor off this film, you have to appreciate the design to its era… it’s on point.

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I hope this list inspires you to cuddle up on a Friday night with your beverage of choice and watch these silver screen features. As always, comment me some of your favorites- I’ll gladly grab a gin & tonic to stay in and watch your recommendations.

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