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    Summer Skin: How I Keep my Skin Fresh & Dewy

    May 14, 2018

    Summer is upon us, at least in Virginia anyway. Every year it seems that spring is gone with the blink of an eye and the humid, summer heat is put in its place. Typically that means changing my skincare routine a bit to keep my skin protected from the sun and to continue to keep it glowy and healthy looking.

    I love the whole trend of keeping makeup natural and fresh a la Glossier. Not only is it less high maintenance, but it also lets your natural beauty shine through, something all us ladies should embrace more. When wearing less makeup, you want your skin underneath to look its best, which is why I tend to put a lot of focus on my skincare in general. In the summer months, my skin tends to get oilier, so I cater my products to prevent oil, but encourage hydration and sun protection.

    Below is my run through of my holy grail products to keep me looking dewy.


    Andalou Naturals Turmeric + C Enlighten Serum

    I have been using this serum for about a month and a half now and seen SUCH a difference in my hyperpigmentation. Any of my leftover spot marks and sun damage has been reversed! I love the texture of this serum too. It is very lightweight and is great to wear under makeup. The addition of the Vitamin C ingredient helps to brighten and firm up the skin.

    skincare, glow


    Naked Bee Everyday Facial Moisturizer SPF 30

    I LOVE this moisturizer. First of all, the smell is so lovely. It’s subtle and lightly smells of orange blossom. Secondly, the texture of this sunscreens is great. It’s light and wears great under makeup. I appreciate the fact that this moisturizer has sunscreen and completely all natural ingredients! This is one product I will be repurchasing time and time again.

    skincare, glowing


    Alba Botanica Hawaiin Eye Gel + Revitalizing Green Tea

    This product is super cooling on the eyes and helps depuff them with the green tea extract that is in it. The key to keeping myself looking fresh and glowy is keeping bags and dark circles at bay. The eye gel formula keeps true to its word and has a jelly consistency. Because of this I do have to wait for it to dry before applying any makeup over top, but to me that’s not a huge deal.

    skincare, glowing

    skincare, glowing

    Andalou Naturals Clementine + C Illuminating Toner

    Can you tell I love this range? Anything with Vitamin C has me hooked! Like any mist, this is great for when your skin is feeling dry and doubles as a great makeup setting spray. When traveling I also like to bring this along to keep me fresh during and after the flight. It’s a skin saver!


    Summer Friday Jet Lag Mask

    This mask came out recently and all skincare gurus about lost their mind for it. After reading so much about it, I decided to splurge on it and try it out for myself. It promised to steep dehydrated and stressed skin in a power of antioxidants and vitamins and afterward it would be renewed and spring back to life. This mask proved up to the hype. My skin felt bouncy and healthy and due to the packaging, it would be a great mask to take on a trip. The plus to this mask is that you can simply rub it into the skin after the 10-minute mark, so there is no removal needed if you don’t have the option to.

    skincare, glowing

    skincare, glow


    These products have really been improving my skin and have kept it clear and bright. Of course, I am no skin expert so these may not work for everyone, but if you have issues such as breakouts and hyperpigmentation, give these products a try. As always, leave me a comment with your go-to products for keeping a healthy complexion.


    Until next time,




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