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    Fall Non-Toxic Nail Polishes I Can’t Stop Wearing

    October 6, 2017

    I am typically not too experimental when it comes to my nails. I stick to nudes throughout the year and am pretty picky when it comes to incorporating any color into my nail polish collection. It is mostly because I am not dainty with my hands whatsoever and I get chips quickly unless I am wearing gels. And I HATE chipped nails. However, when it comes to fall I bring out all of my vampy colors and fully embrace bringing in some [mostly dark] colored nails. [Almost] all of the polishes I am featuring are from non toxic brands that focus on being free of the main chemicals that are in nail polishes such as formaldehyde, toluene, DBP etc. I recently went through my entire polish collection and discarded any polishes that weren’t at least 3-free or more of various chemicals. I highly recommend this to everyone who is concerned about what you are putting on your nails, because it does directly soak into your skin. If you are interested in this topic and learning more about brands I use and love, I would be more than happy to do a separate blog post on my favorite brands. On to the colors…

    nail polish, natural nail polish

    The color swatches below are my go-to’s in the fall- winter months. I have two lights and two darks and they are colors that really go with any outfit I am wearing. I would say all four of these polishes are great in all of the factors that you look for in a nail polish- long lasting, good color payoff, and in some degree non-toxic.

    nail polish, non toxic nails, fall nails

    Smith & Cult Bitter Buddhist

    I have never been into green toned colors, but when I first heard about this brand I had a hard time not getting all of these colors. Much to my surprise I ended up going with this one. It’s a mint color, but it doesn’t feel like a pastel to me, because it is much more subdued. Also Smith & Cult, is one of the cooler beauty brands I know, so do check out their products if you haven’t already.

    nail polish, non toxic nails, fall nails

    Julep Kristy and Haley

    Julep is one of those companies that does a subscription box and when they first came out I gave them a try. Much to surprise these nail polishes are awesome. They last a pretty long time and the bottles are great for traveling because of their long skinny shape. These colors are definitely more in a classic winter palette, but I reach for both of them time and time again.

    nail polish, non toxic nails, fall colors

    Essie Take it Outside

    My signature- nudes.ย  Nudes can be worn during anytime of the year, but I love wearing nudes that are on the taupe/gray side in the fall season. It’s a great way to stay classic, but still get you into the fall spirit. Bonus- chips are less easier to see on this color, so you can get away with doing less touch-ups.

    essie, nail polish, non toxic nails, fall nail colore

    What are you favorite fall colors? Any non-toxic nail brands you are loving?

    Comment down below and let me know!

    Until next time,


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