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    End of Summer Looks ft. Tobi Clothing

    August 10, 2017

    With the weather going into the high 90’s, it sure feels like summer here in Denver. But fall is fast approaching and I am excited to transition into layered pieces and ankle boots. Before that happens though, I want to hang onto summer just a tad bit longer. With end of summer come last minute vacations, days spent drinking gin fizzes on cafe porches and meandering the city on lazy Sundays. Actually speaking of this… summer stay just a little longer please!

    If you still have summer on the brain, but are feeling uninspired, then take a look at some of the looks I have styled. Whether you are hopping on a plane to Cancun or strolling around your neighborhood, I created some outfits that are perfect for those hot days and cooler summer nights. For these looks, I partnered with the clothing brand Tobi. They have such a great selection of pieces ranging from apparel to accessories. It’s a one stop shop for creating a chic or casual outfit, which makes it all that much easier. The affordability and their wide range of styles are worth checking out, and I really did like every piece they sent. If you are a first time buyer, they offer a coupon on their home page, so it’s a win-win!

    Date Night

    Whether it’s a romantic evening with your boyfriend or a girl’s night out with lots of wine, this look is versatile when it comes to a night out. A simple LBDย ย is the easiest thing to throw on and go and you can play around with accessories and shoes since it is a classic neutral. I paired my dress with some bright, statement tassel earrings and red sunnies. I wanted the shoes to go with the earrings, so I chose my velvet baby blue pumps for another pop of color. Even though my accessories are loud, the looks still appears polished since the majority of the color tone is black.

    tobi, fashion, photos

    tobi, fashion, photos

    tobi, fashion, photos

    tobi, fashion, photos

    Beach Vacation

    This next look is what I would wear if I was lounging on a tropical island somewhere… sadly not my reality, but the look could work even if you aren’t 3,000 miles away sippin’ on margaritas somewhere. This dress is a great layering piece, because it’s really flowy and oversized. I decided to add in a black slip and the straw hat for a holiday vibe. Since the top was again neutral, I added in some color with the shoes and the bag.

    tobi, fashion

    tobi, fashion

    tobi, fashion

    tobi, fashion

    tobi, fashion


    Sunday Strolls

    If you are just relaxing and strolling the town, say shopping or grabbing lunch, I thought this outfit was perfect. An airy, floral jumpsuit makes everything effortless and cool. I paired this with classic oval Ray-Bans and a super cute distressed denim jacket courtesy of Tobi. I added in some lace-ups heels to give the look a bit of flair and voila! out the door I went.

    tobi, fashion

    tobi, fashion

    tobi, fashion

    tobi, fashiontobi, fashion

    tobi, fashion

    What was your favorite outfit? What are your end of summer plans? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

    Until next time,




    *This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links. Although this post is sponsored,ย all opinions are my own.


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