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    My Thoughts on… The New Project 62 Collection with Target

    September 29, 2017

    target home collection, project 62

    Ahhh a new home collection at Target has launched and I immediately went to look at it as soon as I heard the news. And of course, I am IN LOVE. Target usually hits the nail on the head for me and I frequent their stores more than any person probably should. However, this collection felt like it was created for me. A midcentury foundation, all of the pieces have a modern feel to them that is midcentury based, but refined. Pops of color grace the pieces, but nothing feels overdone or shouty. The collection extends to all areas of the home, so you could literally furnish your entire house with just the Project 62 collection.

    The collection is fairly priced and nothing I saw was overpriced for what it was. Most of the furniture is between the $50.00-$350 range and IMO that’s pretty affordable. If you are looking to spruce up your home or like me, looking to decorate your new place, the Project 62 collection is one to definitely check out. Below you can find the curated picks of my favorite items from Project 62.


    This modern, abstract print would be perfect for a pop of color in a living room.

    target home collection


    Pendant/ Chairs

    First off, this vignette is amazing. I would love my dining room to look like this. I really love the pendant, because it’s simple, but still visually pleasing. The chairs are so beautiful and the blueish gray color is spot on.

    target home collection

    Gallery Wall Art/ Table

    Project 62 has a lot of cool prints available and they are super affordable. I love the blue tones in these. I have my eye on the coffee table with the marble top. The white against the walnut legs gives the table a nice brightness.

    target home collection

    What are your favorite pieces from the collection? Share them below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    Until next time,


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