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    My thoughts on…. Edge of Ember Jewelry

    July 20, 2018

    Hello, all of you lovely people! This week I have an exciting new collaboration to share with all my readers with an ethical jewelry brand called Edge of Ember. I have followed this brand for a while now and recently I joined their ambassador program and became an #EOE girl. It’s so great when you can work with a brand that you truly love and support.

    As always, I will give you all a little rundown of the brand and some aspects of what I like about Edge of Ember.

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    The shipping costs are pretty low for the fact that they are based out of London. If you spend over 120 pounds, then you get free shipping, which is pretty easy to do. Once my necklace shipped it came very quickly, in about 4 days. The only downside was the fact that they had some delays in manufacturing, so my item was delayed twice and thus in total took about 3 weeks to get. They were communicative through the whole process though, which made it not such a huge deal.

    necklace, gold


    As I mention below in the price, Edge of Ember’s quality is higher than the styles you would see at big stores like Zara or Mango. Majority of their items are gold plated, so they will last much longer than a brass or nickel piece would. One of the best things about the brand and a reason why I am happily supporting them is the fact that they are an ethical brand. What that means for them is that they work with skilled artisans in small countries like Thailand, Nepal, and Indonesia with ethical and sustainable practices. They never use child laborers, provide safe and healthy working conditions, and pay living wages. On top of that, they use sustainable materials for all their products to protect our planet just a little more. The quality reflects all of this!

    necklace, gold


    Their price point is a little higher, but most of their items are 18k gold plated sterling silver, so the items won’t tarnish like brass costume jewelry would. Personally, I would rather pay a bit more for something if I know that I could wear time and time again without it losing its quality. For any of you that want to splurge on a new piece, please use my coupon code NICOLE10 for 10% off.

    necklace, gold


    I own the Initial Necklace and I LOVE it. When I was deciding between styles, I had a hard time choosing between the initial necklace and the charmer’s collection (I have my eye on those next.) I ended up going with the N necklace because I had nothing else like it and I knew I could wear it daily. What I like about Edge of Ember’s styles is that they are all very wearable and layer-able. You could wear many of their necklaces together, but also separately. This makes them staples for anybody’s jewelry box.

    necklace, gold

    Have you guys heard of Edge of Ember? What do you like or dislike about them? Comment down below with your thoughts.

    Until next time,


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