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    Work it girl! Office Attire That Isn’t Boring

    March 19, 2018

    When it comes to office environments, everyone’s workplace has different rules and etiquette on what is allowed to be worn in the office. Some offices are super lax, others not so much. For any fashion fan, the office is a good time to show off your personal style, but many people feel intimidated by what to wear in a more strict working environment. Are prints too much? What kind slacks can I wear? Should I tone down the jewelry? My answer to all of these questions: No, never! Cropped, long, printed, simple; Don’t go overboard, but don’t be afraid to rock the hoops you’ve been dying to wear.

    The truth is most of the time people tend to overthink their outfit when getting dressed for work. The fear sets in of being too over-the-top versus feeling drab and boring. My rule of thumb is to think of work as a slightly more polished version of yourself. Unless you work in an office that requires suits, the term “business casual” is probably being thrown around. This means that you can wear pretty much anything that looks clean, polished and grown up. So no crop tops with raw hemmed jeans! Think of business casual as a term that initiates resourcefulness and creativity. Something as simple as a white tee can certainly be worn when thrown under a black blazer. Don’t overcomplicate things and trust your gut!

    If you still feel stuck, however, I have some simple outfit inspiration that won’t break the bank and is super easy to pull off.

    • Substitute you blue denim, for polished dark black denim. Not only does it not look like denim, it also lets you get away with being comfortable without looking sloppy.
    • Put on a printed blazer and pair it with a t-shirt for an easy day-to-night transition. It’s a look that is totally appropriate for work but could be worn to happy hour drinks with your girls as well.
    • Grab a fun bag to carry all of your work essentials in. I love my Tara & Co leather backpack. Not only is it roomy and chic, it even has a zip-off clutch for those times you rush to an event after work.

    fashion, office attire

    office fashion

    office attire

    office attire


    • If you are feeling bold, go for printed pant. Paired with a chunky sweater, these pants are a great way to pair business + casual together. I love the athletic green stripes on these. It makes them feel modern, but in no way boring.
    • Opt for a leather jacket if you are planning to go out afterward. It’s a great way to be appropriate for work and feel spruced up for the nighttime too.

    office attire

    office attire

    white boots

    office attire


    Whether it’s an interview or a full-time job you attend every day, picking out an outfit that feels like “you” and puts forth a good impression shouldn’t be hard. Comment below on what your favorite look was and how you put together looks every day for the working world.

    Until next time,


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