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    House Tour: A Modern, Minimalist Apartment- Denver, CO

    June 29, 2017

    I love looking into people’s homes. It sounds creepy, but I think seeing a person’s home is a window to their personality. It shows people’s habits, comforts and what they are drawn to all in a matter of minutes. Since I love touring people’s homes so much, I thought it would be a fun segment to share with all of my blog readers. Who knows it might spark your next decorating ideas!

    My first home tour features Brea Hewitt, a fellow blogger with impeccable taste and a fun mixture of old and new.

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    What is your favorite room in the house?
    My favorite room is my living room. I think it is the room that encompasses our personalities the most and the room that we spend the most time in. It’s a good mix of new and vintage and we carved out a cozy little nook near the book shelf with our leather chair and all of our plants! I love our plants.
    living room, home
     living room, home
    What was the inspiration for the decor?
    My boyfriend and I really like clean lines and in our old place, everything was super clean and minimal but it felt a bit sterile, so we started adding some pieces (like our rugs and framed photos) that made the place feel warmer and more eclectic. So I guess the inspiration was more just making it feel like home.
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    You are really good at keeping plants alive! What was the reason you started collecting house plants?
    Ha! I don’t take care of the plants at all. That’s all Tyler [my boyfriend], he really enjoys taking care of them and he’s really good at it. Before we lived together, I had a few plants and killed all of them. But I always really loved how they look in a place, so I love that we have a little jungle and even better, I don’t have to take care of them!
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     What is one item you can’t live without in your house?
    I love our rugs, which is never something I really was interested in or cared about, but we bought ours to separate the spaces between the living room, eating area and kitchen and so now I’m totally obsessed. It really brings everything together and the rugs are like super old and handcrafted which means no one else in the world has them and I love that!

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    I hope you enjoyed this segment and if you did, please comment below and let me know what types of homes you’d like to see or if you want me to share yours!

    Until next time,


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