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    Closet Diaries: Transitioning from Summer to Fall

    August 31, 2018

    Last week of August, people, last week. I am so stoked because fall is y absolute favorite time of year. I am not a heat person whatsoever and by the time August rolls around I want to bury myself in an ice cube.  Besides the actual weather, I am much more a fall/winter wardrobe kind of girl. Layers, sweaters, jeans, and boots are what I feel most comfortable in. But before summer completely disappears, there is the transitional time. The awkward It’s-not-cold-enough-to-put-away-my-dresses-and-it’s-not-hot-enough-to be-in-skimpy-clothes time period. During this time, there are a few key rules I follow to make my summer and fall wardrobe work together as opposed to against each other.

    Ditch the sandals

    Before I grab all of my F/W boots, I tend to get something in between and focus on the good old trainer. Trainers are a great transitional shoe between seasons because your feet are covered but you can still wear them even when it’s a little warmer outside. I am loving these Tretorn ones. They feel like little clouds and look super stylish as well.


    Bring on the layers

    Light jackets are a great piece during the transitional months. They are easy to throw on and you can have a wide of variety of material and thicknesses, so you pretty much choose one depending on the weather. I love my leather jacket and I think everyone should own one, but if that’s not your thing a fun blazer or denim jacket do just as well.


    dress, leather jacket

    Maxi and Midi dresses

    During the transitional periods I like to still take advantage of wearing dresses, but I choose longer lengths in order to cover my legs in case it gets chilly. For a night that’s particularly cold, I’ll layer on tights and a jacket as well. Denim dresses are perfect to take into fall because the material is thicker and keeps you warmer on a chilly night.

    jacket, dress

    jacket, pin

    All photos were taken by Kristin of Countdown to Friday blog. She was such a pleasure to meet and so easy to shoot with as well! I have been wanting to collaborate more with other fellow bloggers, so you will definitely be seeing more of her in the future. 🙂

    What are your favorite transitional pieces? Comment down below, I’d love to hear what other pieces I should consider as we near fall.

    Until next time,


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