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I currently rent a one-bedroom apartment that is painted all white so you can imagine that when I moved in I set myself up to buying loads of prints to try and make it feel homey. Not only do I love art itself, but I think having artwork on your walls is a fun way to show your personality and create a space that’s solely yours.

When Photowall reached out to me, I was super excited to have a look at their collection. I love discovering new print shops because everyone has something different to choose from. Not only do they have prints (and wallpaper!) from a variety of artists both big and small, but they also let you create your own prints from custom images, which I think is really cool.

The store is based in Sweden, which made me think that the print would take forever to come to me, but it was here in less than a week, which I was super stoked on!

I decided to go with a modern print that features lovely warm colors, which was perfect for our bedroom where up until now, mostly cool colors have been used. The prints come with a choice of light or dark wood slat frame, which I think is a must include addition. It gives the print a unique look without having to buy a classic full-frame.

The frame was super easy to put together and it came with all of the tools included, so I didn’t have to go searching around for wrenches. Big bonus!

All in all, for the price of this print, I felt like it was great quality. It is one of the biggest prints we currently own and one of the cheapest, which is pretty incredible as artwork can get pricey. As long as you don’t mind spending some time going through their large and seemingly daunting collection, Photowall is a winner in my book for prints!

What prints do you love? Would you ever consider purchasing a fun wallpaper?

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Disclaimer: A print from Photowall was gifted to me in order to share my opinion about their products, but this isn’t a sponsored post.

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