Skin Talk: Shaving

Bikinis or one pieces, it doesn’t matter what you are wearing, summer is the time when everyone is showing more skin and that means (for most of us) more shaving. And with more shaving, there are problems or irritation, razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

As I have gotten older, I have been more diligent about trying to take care of my skin during the summer months when I am shaving once to twice a week. Below are a few tips that help keep my legs and bikini line bump free!

Invest in a good razor

This may seem obvious, but investing in a good razor really does your skin good and prevents a lot of ingrown hairs. I used to just grab the cheap kind, but since I switched to better razors, my skin is so much better. I recommend trying one of the affordable, reusable razors that Billie or Flamingo make. The heads are disposable, so when it starts to feel dull you can just switch it out for a new one. Pro tip: These brands ship everything right to your door, so for the busy gal, they are great!


Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

It’s one of the more obvious tips, but I used to be really bad about this step. I would shave and just get on with my life and later my legs would feel dry, scaly and irritated. Choose a lotion that has good oils in it such as shea butter, castor oil or marula. I recently purchased the Necessaire body lotion and I love how light it feels, but how moisturized it makes my legs. If you are dealing with a lot of ingrown hairs, try using a concentrated oil before and after you shave. Fur has some great options and their packaging is so cute too!

Breathability is key

Since shaving can be a bit harsh on your skin, so letting your skin breathe after you shave especially in areas like the bikini line. I recommend either shaving when you have time to just sit and chill preferably without clothes, but if you wanna throw on a robe that’s loose-fitting, I get it. This gives your skin some time to settle before you put on tight fitting clothing like panties which trap air and press tightly on your skin.

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

Shave against the grain

This seems like an obvious tip, but I wanted to throw it in here because if there is anything you do from this list it should be this. Most irritation is caused by people shaving every which way, but the proper way is always to shave against the way the hair grows. This will prevent redness and rubbing of the skin as you hair cutting the hair closest to its end.

What tips do you rely on to keep your shaved bits glowing? Comment down below I’d love to hear your go-to’s.

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