On the Shelf: Nightime Skincare Routine

Nighttime is the right time to get your skin back into shape. Any Ray Charles fans out there? In all seriousness (if that joke fell flat), I love going through my nighttime skincare routine and rarely miss a night because I truly think that it’s the perfect time to repair your skin. You are laying still for 8 hours, have no makeup on and aren’t exposing your face to environmental pollution or sun.

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Since everyone’s skin is so so different, I suggest thinking about what you’d like to better in your skin before going out and buying a bunch of products. It’s important to really create a routine for your skin and while a lot of products are marketed out there to be for “night” it doesn’t always mean you have to use those products exclusively then. I suggest instead of falling trap to advertising, choose products that you feel will help aid in your #skingoals and also that potentially would be better for night use, when makeup isn’t having to be factored in.

In my night time routine, a lot of my products are thicker in base, do better with no exposure to sun, and work to repair and renew my skin because during the day I gravitate towards items that glow/ brighten. Targeting skincare to work on different parts of your skin at different times of the day gives you a full skincare routine in an easy way.

So to break it down, here are the items I use at night and am recommending only because I love them! I am in no way sponsored by these brands or paid to say this.


Cleansing is my most thorough step and I LIVE to double cleanse. I am someone who rarely skips this step because I want to make sure I get off every. last. bit. of. makeup. off. I hate sleeping with makeup, especially mascara so I like to use an oil-based cleanser to get the majority of makeup off. Then afterward I will go in with a gentle cleanser. I have used a variety of cleansers in the past and I don’t necessarily stick to one brand, but anything that is gentle and non-drying is what I gravitate towards.

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You don’t always have to tone and I used to not have this step in my routine, but recently I have been working on getting rid of some of the dark spots on my skin and this toner is designed to do just that. It stings slightly when you first put it on, but it isn’t anything that causes me great discomfort. This toner has AHA’s as its main ingredient. AHA’s are great chemical exfoliants but can make your skin very sensitive to sun. That’s why this product is great for night time use!



I am a serum girl. There is something so luxurious about putting serums on your face and you can target your skincare this way to whatever you feel it needs help with. Have a breakout? Use a serum with Salicylic Acid or Niacinamide. Feeling dull? Use a serum with Vitamin C. I own a few different serums, but I am currently loving the Sunday Riley Vitamin C serum a lot. Perfect for brightenening my skin!



The last step of my routine and an important one for this time of year is moisturizing. I tend to go for a pretty simple moisturizer that doesn’t have many bells and whistles, but recently I have upped the ante and have been using the Ole Henriksen Glow Retin night creme. It isn’t the heaviest moisturizer but it helps reduce hyperpigmentation and has AHA’s just like their toner. It repairs as you sleep and I do notice my skin has looked better when I wake up. If there is anything you shouldn’t remove from your routine, it’s a moisturizer. It helps keep your skin hydrated and that reduces wrinkles. Yay!

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Your routine doesn’t have to have these steps or be as extensive if you don’t want. It’s really all about what works best for your skin type and how much time you want to dedicate to the process. There are days I definitely just cleanse and moisturize if I am super tired, but for the most part I enjoy the ritual. Do you have a nighttime routine? What products live on your #shelf currently?

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