Where I shop: Fine Jewelry Edition

Fine jewelry is something I have recently started collecting in the past few years as I have grown into my jewelry collection. I am someone who is generally lazy with taking my jewelry on and off so wearing pure gold or silver is a better option for me so I can shower, workout and sleep my jewelry on. Gold and silver can be expensive though, so I keep a budget in mind when shopping for pieces and tend to shop at places that don’t skimp on quality, but keep affordability in mind with their pricing.


Mejuri has slowly started to take over my jewelry collection. They carry a mix of both fine jewelry and gold plated items as well at super low price points. Every month they come out with new pieces and release them in a monthly edit style every few weeks. Not only are their pieces amazing, but their customer service is one for the books. I’ve had to reach out to customer service a few times and not only are they quick to respond but they go above and beyond to help.

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Edge of Ember

Thy came out with their fine line at the end of last year and while it is still small and growing, I have loved what they have released so far. Perfect for stacking and wearing daily, their line is all about the concept of the “second skin.” Jewelry that can live and breathe with you throughout your daily wear. Think huggie hoops, spindly thin rings and sets that can be worn for the perfect stack together.

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The cool girl “It” brand for a reason. The British brand started out being known for their variety of huggie hoops, but now they have expanded into collection upon collection of stylish designs for everyday wear. Many of their designs use ethical diamonds in a simple way that doesn’t feel overdone. Occasionally they will do collaborations with other designers and influencers which is a cool way to get your hands on a more custom piece.

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Bayou with Love

This brand was originally started by actress Nikki Reed and Dell with the concept of using recycling and upcycling in jewelry. All their pieces are under $900 and there is a variety of rings, earrings, and necklaces to choose from. The designs are fun with a bohemian twist and you can feel good about wearing Bayou’s jewelry!

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Vrai & Oro

This brand focuses only on fine pieces and everything on their site is solid gold, rose gold or silver. The pieces are all really minimal and classic but that’s what I really like about them. You can always depend on Vrai & Oro to have a collection of timeless, simple pieces that can be worn day or night. With a mix of necklaces, bracelets and rings and yes even some diamonds, this brand ticks of all the boxes.

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Have you ever purchased from these shops? Would like to see more of these types of “where I shop” posts? I was thinking of doing a series, but would love to hear your thoughts.

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Feature image by Mejuri.com

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