Vacation Favorites: The Things I Can’t Go on Holiday Without

I haven’t done a favorites list in SO long and since I am about to embark on my honeymoon holiday to Greece at the end of this month ( freaking excited!) I thought it was a perfect time to chat to you all about my must-pack items. I am typically a light packer when it comes to traveling. Regardless of whether I like it or not, my husband tends to let me know when I have overpacked. 😉 There are many perks to traveling light like lower baggage charges, lower chance of losing luggage and being able to get to hotels in less of a hassle.

I typically travel with a carry on (when I can) and pack another backpack or large purse as my personal item. This doesn’t mean I don’t bring stuff because  I do. I bring multiple outfits, shoes, camera gear, makeup, skincare, hair tools- the works. I just make sure that whatever I bring will be used and when I pack I make sure to organize the suitcase so I can fit as much as possible. Packing cubes are a lifesaver! Now, these aren’t items that are super obscure, because I wanted to talk about items that I actually do pack, so forgive me if this list is kind of obvious.


It’s obviously a must for any holiday and I wear some every day to keep my face protected, but when I am traveling I like to carry a spray format. I don’t know what it is, but I think the sprays are so much easier to throw into a bag on the go and easy to reapply as needed. Since I am pretty conscious of using as natural ingredients as possible, I made sure to get an SPF that does not contain chemical ingredients. Opting for a mineral sunscreen is usually going to be a better route.

sunscreen, goop brand

Classic Straw Hat

Hats are also a great thing to pack when going on holiday, especially somewhere warm. Mine is from Forever 21 from a few years back, but there are so many options out there right now that I love. The nice thing is you can really choose your own style when it comes to one. Go for a cool Panama hat or a more tropical-feeling undone straw version. This is great not only for beach days but as a rescue tool if you end of getting a sunburn and need extra protection afterward.

boater hat


Bathing Suit Cover Up

I never used to own a bathing suit cover-up. I always felt it was kind of an unnecessary item to have since you could really throw on any ol’ thing over a bathing suit. However, Zara had a sale going on some nice cover-ups and I thought “why the hell not?” and I am so happy that I got one. Not only is it so breezy (it’s made of linen), but it’s also a piece of clothing that I don’t mind getting wet or sandy and could still feel comfortable in wearing off the beach.

cover up, bathing suit

bathing suit cover up

Lip Balm

I am a lip balm queen. I just hate the feeling of having dry lips. It always makes me just a little bit uncomfortable. Therefore, I absolutely cannot travel without bringing some kind of lip product along for hydration. Currently, I have been using Danish beauty brand Nuori’s lip treat and cannot get ENOUGH. It’s lightly scented, light in texture and makes your lips look super dewy and glossy. You’ve been warned- it’s addicting.

hat, sunscreen, lip balm

Comfortable sandals

Depending on what climate you are traveling in, you’ll want to pack comfortable footwear that’s practical, but stylish. Majority of you will probably travel somewhere warm as you do in the summer, so I have comfortable sandals on my packing list. Sandals are one of those things that take a while to find at least for me. They tend to take a while to break in or just never do and then it’s a total waste of money.  I found this adorable basketweave pair and I couldn’t have been happier when I wore them day one without an ounce of pain. These are definitely coming with me! Since this pair is almost sold out, I am linking a few more for you that *look* like they could be comfy as well.

sandals, goop, lip balm


Aileen Sandal
Marcia Half Bow Sandal

What are your holiday essentials? What places are you traveling to this summer? Comment down below, I’d love to hear from you.

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