Wedding Stories: My Experience Choosing a Wedding Band

April has come and gone and that means only one month until my wedding. Can’t believe I am officially typing those words out. While I haven’t been exclusively focused on the excitement of the idea quite yet (a girl is deep in last minute planning mode), it’s in little moments like these that I stop to think about the fact that I chose somebody to spend the rest of my life with.

I haven’t posted about the wedding in a while, because frankly, it has been such a blur. But, yesterday, I received my wedding bands—and I just had to write a post about my experience. In case any of you are lost on who to choose as a jeweler, I had THE BEST experience with Anna Sheffield.  

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Choosing a Ring Style

This was the hardest part of the process by far. I went back and forth between so many designers and consultations, that by the beginning of April, I felt so stressed on which jeweler to choose.

My engagement ring is a style that is known as “alternative” in the bridal world. What it really means is that it’s not a cookie cutter ring you find at Zales or Hyde Park. Alternative bridal styles are usually found in smaller shops and have more unique settings, stones, cuts and styles. My engagement ring was purchased from Catbird NYC (another amazing store by the way!), and the cut curves in at the sides, meaning that a simple band would not sit flush with my ring.

This was an issue because I envisioned my bands sitting flush with each other—that is, until I discovered the idea of the bridal suite. Bridal suites typically consist of bands that are paired and cut to be worn together. Sometimes, you wear one layered underneath the engagement ring; or, you can wear two layers, as I did.

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Choosing a Jeweler

I knew I wanted a jeweler that specialized in alternative styles and had a nice selection of bridal suites that I could pair with my ring. When I lived in Denver, I went to an Anna Sheffield trunk show and fell in love with her pieces, so I knew right off the bat that I wanted to check out their options. They have so many styles to choose from and their pieces are super high quality—but their prices definitely reflect their value.  

Being one who doesn’t like to make rash decisions, I decided to shop around a bit more at places such as Marrow Fine, Jennie Kwon, Porter Gulch, Etsy and Nine Roses. (Side note: If you are local to Richmond, please check out Nine Roses. Their jewelry store is amazing, they carry many of the aforementioned brands, and make custom designs as well. Plus, Eliza and Nick, the husband and wife owners,  are so sweet and really know their shit.)

However, after all the research, and a few more weeks of thinking, I decided to go with Anna Sheffield. Sometimes you have to go with your gut. Plus, their design just wasn’t leaving my head, so I knew it was meant to be.

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Custom Orders

I knew I had to customize the suite I fell in love with. I contacted their custom department and was paired with Margaret (who was such a dream to work with). Margaret ran through potential options and worked to find the right style. Because I was unable to visit the Anna Sheffield stores—which are exclusively located in New York and Los Angeles—I was nervous that the rings would not fit properly. Margaret overnighted a complimentary sample in my size, so I could try one on. Not only was this extraordinary customer service, this turned out to be necessary because the sample did not sit flush to my engagement ring.  

Margaret worked with me to come up with a solution—and the next day they sent over a shipping label so I could send my engagement band to the production house. This way, they could measure the wedding bands around my current ring to create a perfect fit. In a few weeks, my engagement band was shipped back to me and I excitedly awaited my wedding bands.

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Bands Arrived

When the bands arrived, not only was the packaging so beautiful, but they fit PERFECTLY. The addition of the black diamond to the top band was placed exactly how I envisioned and my set was beyond what I expected. The package also came with the sweetest card!

Ultimately, I would not only recommend Anna Sheffield’s product but their team who made this process as seamless as possible. I was nervous that communication would be difficult with me not living in the same city, but with their diligence, the entire process was such a breeze. I am so happy with my rings and I will cherish them every time I look down at my hand.

fine jewelry,ring


Comment below to give me your thoughts on my ring suite. Have you heard of Anna Sheffield? What other jewelry stores are your favorites?

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