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It’s time for another blog all about my thoughts on a new subscription box that is brand new and currently in the process of launching. It’s called Material Box and it is launched through the Material World brand. Now if you haven’t heard of Material World, it’s a service that buys back pre-owned gently used designer clothes. Furthermore, it had a shop option where you could shop the website like any fashion brand. The Material Box uses this same concept with the addition of having a stylist pick out the clothes for you and directly shipping them to your door.

Price: The subscription box costs $39 a month, which is a bit steep in my opinion, BUT you do get that money refunded out of any item you purchase. Since most of the items they sent me were in the $50 and up price range, it is well worth it even if you buy one item from the entire box. You do have the option if skipping months, which is a nice feature especially for people like me who don’t necessarily want to commit to buying the box every month.

frame, material box

Style: When you first sign up for the box, the website guides you through a pretty thorough style quiz. This quiz goes over size, style, fit, and brands you frequently shop. I thought my items were definitely sized appropriately. All of the items fit me perfectly and I didn’t feel like anything was too big or too tight. As far as style, I think they did get my brand pretty spot on. I received items from Frame, Rag & Bone, Valentino, and Acne Studios- all brands that I truly love. My only complaint would be that the mix was limiting. I received only tops and I wish I had been able to try a larger variety of clothing items in the mix.

sweaters, material box

Quality:  While these items are technically pre-owned, everything looked brand new in my opinion. Nothing was saggy or worn and that was quite impressive to me. Even the Acne sweater, which was a mohair and wool blend was washed properly and had no faults in its shape.

Ease of Use: Super easy! The box comes with a return sticker and a bag as well, so you don’t have to be concerned about reusing a damaged box.

box, fashion

Overall, I think this box is great for someone who is interested in fashion and brands, but doesn’t necessarily have the means to spend full price on the hottest designer items. I also think this is a great option for anyone who doesn’t like to shop and dig through piles of clothes.

What are your thoughts on the Material Box? Are you going to try it out or have you already? Let me know in the comments below!

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