Thoughts on…. Garance Dore + Rifle Paper Co. Collab

Rifle Paper Company is one of my favorite paper brands. I love decorating my office space with their products. Something about having chic ¬†office supplies makes you want to work harder, no? Recently Rifle Paper Co. did a collaboration with the brilliant and effortlessly stylish Garance Dore. If you don’t know who Garance Dore is you are missing out and should immediately go to her blog here. She’s an illustrator, a fashion icon, and her blog and podcast are a treat to read/listen to. She is a total #girlboss and I am so inspired by where she has ended up. A girl can dream!

paperie, desk supplies, cards, notebooks

If you aren’t getting the vibes already that I love this collection, here’s a few more factors that I think will make you want to check it out for yourself.

  • The color palette is minimalist, but not boring. The collection is based off of neutral tones like black and white, but I like that they added a pop of color with the rosy and gold hues. It makes it look more chic and trendy.
  • The illustrations are so cool. In typical Dore fashion, the art is draw in a sketch style. Imagine grabbing someone’s fashion sketchbook and making copies of it… that’s what the illustrations looks like.
  • The entire collection is designed on fashion and beauty so if that is something you are into, this collection will be for you.
  • The range of products is also super cool in this collection. They include items such as recipe cards, coasters, books and prints on top of the original office supplies.

coasters, paperie, living room accessories

paperie, cards, garance dore

I hope this collection inspires you as much as it did me. I think it’s a lovely assortment of items and you know you are getting good quality with Rifle Paper Co.

What items do you have your eye on? What are your favorite aspects of the collection? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Until next time,


Images Via Rifle Paper Co.

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