March Picks: Fashion & Beauty

This month has just started and it has been crazy so far. Between starting a new job and learning how to keep my blog going at the same time, I’ve learned more about the balancing act than I’ve ever needed to before. It’s been such a treat though, to be able to get myself on a posting schedule and actually follow through. It’s all about the willpower people! Anyway, here are some March favorites that have kept me going and made my life just a tad bit simpler.

Tocca Emelia 

I received this a gift for my birthday and it has quickly become my go-to daytime fragrance. It’s perfect if you like light fragrances that don’t overwhelm you. This does have floral notes in it, but they’re subtle, so instead of feeling like a damn posterboy for flowers, you feel fresh and airy. The key notes are geranium, fig and clementine. Get ready to feel like you are in the Mediterranean on vacation.

Madewell Intimates

Madewell is one of my top stores that I frequently shop, so when their intimates line came out I had to try it right away. I am a huge fan of bralettes and it’s practically all I wear on a daily basis, so I picked up a couple of their cuts and some panties to match. I must say the quality is great and they are SO comfortable. I also loved the color palettes. They had some brighter options, but also more toned, muted colors.

Catbird NYC

I may be biased about this one, because my engagement ring is from here, but I love this shop. Out of Brooklyn, Catbird NYC is a jewelry shop that has unique and lovely hand-made pieces. They do everyday pieces, as well as, wedding and engagement. Each and every one is something unlike the other and the quality is amazing. If you are on the hunt for new jewelry, I highly suggest giving this place a look.

Tata Harper Illuminating Eye Creme

Tata Harper has been a skin care brand that I have lusted after and I finally splurged and tried out some products from them. While I got a great first impression from everything I bought, the eye creme was the one that won me over. Their products are made with high quality non-toxic ingredients, so they are perfect for all skin types. The eye creme is made with diamond and mineral dust particles, which creates a highlighting effect under your eyes. Don’t think 90’s eye glitter, but more of a subtle, delicate glow. I use this under my makeup each morning and it immediately makes me look awake and fresh. Who doesn’t want that?

Carbon Coco

You may have seen this product on your Facebook feed or a banner ad, because it has blow up and there’s reason for it. Now, I have only had this product for a month or so, but so far I have already begun to see a difference. The reason I first purchase this was for the ease. You simply dip you brush in the charcoal and brush for a few minutes. That is by far the quickest teeth whitening system on the market and it’s all natural. That’s right, this stuff won’t wear your enamel down or increase sensitivity like other whitening strips on the market. Give this one a go if you are looking to freshen up your smile.

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What are you loving this month? Send me your favorites below!

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