Favorites: Galentine’s Day Party Edition

For the past couple of years I have been getting together with my closest girlfriends for a Leslie Knope approved Galentine’s Day celebration. While some deem the fictionary holiday silly, I enjoy having a day as an excuse to get together with my favorite ladies. While prepping for Galentine’s Day this year, I realized that there are so many cute decor ideas out there… almost too many. Every time I was ready to commit to one, I would take a peek at another blog and I wanted to change my mind all over again. So here’s my favorite decor ideas that I’ve come across to get your party planning started.

This cross-stitch is super cute to give as a parting gift to all your gals or make them together while you are chatting away.

leslie knope, cross-stitch, galentine's day



Photo via Etsyshop BananyaStand 

This cute drink stirrer is perfect to decorate your Galentine’s Day cocktails. Serve them ready made, or have guests customize their own.

heart and bead drink stirrers

Photo via Tell Love and Party

Drinks, drinks and more drinks. Of course you want to be a good host and provide that bubbly. This recipe is super easy, so you won’t break the bank or spend hours making these pretty drinks.

galentine's day drink, cocktail, festive cocktails

Photo via No Spoon Necessary

This tablecloth will bring all of the cool girl vibes to your party. It looks stylish without being overdone and shows that you took extra effort to personalize your celebration. Wanna go a different route? Put down a white tablecloth, put out a pack of fabric markers and have everyone go at it. It’s a fun activity to get everyone creative and it’ll make a nice addition to your keepsake box…  we all have one, no?

xoxo, diy tablecloth, valentine's decor

Photo by Brooke Courtney Photography via Walk in Love

An easy to please dessert is sure to be a good end to a fun night, so try out these adorable heart-shaped ice cream sandwiches. You can even set up a sprinkles section for everyone to dip their sandies into their favorite toppings, which will make the partiers feel like a kid again!

ice cream sandwiches, vanilla, homemade desserts

Photo via Feasting at Home

What are your favorite Galentine’s Day decor DIY’s? Favorite treats to eat? Let me know, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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