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    Favorites : Christmas Edition

    December 18, 2016

    I love this time of year! The decor, the cozy vibes, and spending time with friends and family. Since the month of December is slowly coming to a close, I thought I would send one last shoutout to some items I have been swooning over this month.


    Orb Copper Shaker

    Everyone loves a little sparkle in their holiday decor and this cocktail shaker is perfect for a winter party. Straying from the classic gold or silver, the copper is a nice warm tone that will fit into any decorating style you may want to accomplish. Check out Aaron Probyn’s other functional pieces in the collection to complete your bar setup.

    copper shaker

    Buy Now, $24.95


    Berries and Moss Wreath

    Wreaths are a classic element to any door during the holidays, but this one caught my eye for its timeless aspect. The wreath is made of 100% fresh cut botanicals, which makes it all the more special. The pepperberries add a nice pop of color, while still staying subdued and focused on the simplicity of the greenery.

    wreath, west elm, decor

    Buy Now, $75.00


    Pentagon Side Dishes

    It wouldn’t be a favorites guide without featuring an Etsy creation. I love finding new indie artists in the Etsy network, there are so many talented people out there! Convivial Production is no different. These side dishes caught my eye, because a lot of food is served during the holidays. These dishes are a nice way to present your food, whether you are hosting a big affair or an intimate gathering.

    side dishes, hosting, ceramicware

    Buy Now, $14.00


    Extra Chunky Blanket

    This blanket is perfection. Made of an acrylic and wool blend, this blanket is great for those nights when you are sitting on the couch and need a bit of warmth. It’s a neutral color palette, so it will match with any decor and I really like the knitted, chunky look- makes it feel like a big scarf. What more could you want?

    blanket, world market, chunk blanket, throw

    Buy Now, $69.99


    Corriente Pillow

    The Citizenry is one of my go-to online destinations for finding beautiful, unique items that are ethically sourced. While this place is a bit pricier, the pieces are high quality and help support artisans all over the world. This month, the Corriente pillow caught my eye. It’s in a neutral color palette, but the poms-poms add a bit of fun. Although it isn’t specifically “Christmas-y”, it gave me winter vibes and the little balls reminded me of snowflakes.

    pillow, the citizenry, bobble, gray

    Buy Now, $135.00


    Hope you enjoyed this post. I’d love to hear some of your favorite items that you have been loving this month, so leave me a comment below.

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    Until next time & Happy Holidays,


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