Magazine Worthy: Bedrooms

With the winter season upon us, we all strive to make our bedrooms as cozy as possible. We all get envious feelings when we see magazine spreads and blog posts that show the most gorgeous pictures of bedrooms. (You wonder how those people ever get out of bed.) I’m here to show you that getting the perfect bedroom is much easier to get than you’d imagine. With my simple tricks below, you can get the bedroom you’ve always been dreaming of, without spending tons of money.

A nice bed frame
Even though it may seem obvious, the foundation to making your bed looks great is your bed frame. Whether you choose a modern mid-century frame or a luxe canvas frame, you want to make sure your frame matches the entire aesthetic you are going for. This will ultimately be what ties the entire look together. When picking out a bed frame, pick one with a headboard. This will give the whole look a more elevated and complete feel, and make the entire bed look more polished.

Contemporary Bed Frame

Pillows, Pillows and more Pillows

When checking out magazine images, one thing you notice is that they have a variety of pillows on beds. Pillows can range from different styles and shapes, but the important factor is to have them in varying sizes and elevate them in a layered look, so that the eye is drawn to them. These will essentially be the center point to the bed. You will want to start with euro shams or large, stiff pillows in the background. Next, you’ll want to layer decorative pillows. This is your time to shine. Play with prints, colors and textures that are in the color palette of your choice. Feel free to play around with vertical and horizontal combinations too! This will give a nice juxtaposition to the pillows in the background.

black bed, bed frame,

A color palette

As I mentioned above, choosing a color palette will complete the mood that you want to accomplish for your bedroom. If you are looking for something more serene, choose light colors. If you are looking for a bit more drama, choose darker shades. Be careful with dark shades though! You don’t ever want to go too dark as this can create too much stimulation for your brain. In a place where you sleep, you want to feel relaxed, not stressed.


Everyone has their bedding preferences, but one thing I would recommend is to purchase a duvet. It adds a comfort factor to your bedroom and the layering on the bed gives it that magazine-worthy feel. Duvets also add a certain height to the mattress, which gives the bed the appearance of being “fluffy.” Duvets are also great for customizing your look. Choose a fun pattern, or keep it simple with a monotone palette. There are so many duvets to choose from, you’ll never get bored of sleeping in the same bed.

Modern Duvet


Make the bed the focal point of your bedroom. You want to lay it out so that the eye is drawn to the bed and nightstands when entering the room. Make sure the composition of the room is just right. Moving the bed away from the wall can create a more open feel, but be careful not to have it perfectly centered. This tends to make the room feel awkward. Play around with moving the bed near a window, horizontal or slightly off center. Work with the space you have to really make the room feel cozy.

Ralph Lauren Bed

I hope these tips help you explore the path to designing your own dream bedroom. If you have tips of your own, or were inspired by this post, comment below. I’d love to see all of your amazing creations!


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