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As summer fast approaches, all I can think about is going somewhere tropical, feeling the sand between my toes, and cursing myself when I realize that I yet again failed to reapply sunscreen and I am yet again… sunburned. Since spring has only just begun, I can only dream of that day and instead focus on bringing warmth into my house.

Throughout the history of interior design, we have always been attracted to rich tones of gold and brass. Consider the lavish rooms of Versailles…before the people of France started getting pissed off. There are rooms that are literally covered in gilded gold and here we are in 2016, and seeing this trend re-emerge, yet again. People have become unafraid to mix metals, and I for one am a fan. Metallics are one of those things that you don’t really have to think too hard about. Have an industrial kitchen? Add a rose gold tea kettle. In love with your mid century living room? Brighten it up with a brass vase. It is an effortless trend and can be played with in a multitude of ways.

I think tones like brass, gold and copper can spice up any room and can fit into homes of different styles. It adds a touch of glamour and gives the room some pizzazz, especially if you stick to a more minimal, clean home as I tend to do myself.

Whatever your taste may be – whether you prefer subtle pops of metallic here and there, or want seek to cover every square inch of your house in brass—a little shine here and there can really bring a room together.

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